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Tribal Herbal Remedy

About Us

First of all: Thank you to enter our site and giving us the chance to introduce ourselves to you! We are tribes, communities, families and friends, who walk with real people for already 20 years. Soul people. Guardians of the Sacred Knowledge, that lives in the middle of the nature of the Amazon Forest, untouched by modern civilization. We are sacred people, who care and watch over the codes of the sacredness of life on this planet. This planet is sacred. You are sacred. Paradise is within You! Begin your journey of self-knowledge and self-healing in our Sacred Paradise.

Fresh Herbs & Remedies

Sacred Paradise work directly with indigenous communities and local producers offering fair trade and sustainably harvested fresh natural products which ensures that our customers are provided with the highest quality available.

Rapé & Infusions

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Organic Herbs & Natural Remedies

Organic products that are all planted and harvested. Wet in the rain, blown by the winds, grown on Earth, Illuminated by the Sun.


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All our products, like Rapé we offer for wholesale, either in bulk or prepackaged. For prices and conditions please enter in contact and we will be happy to provide all information needed.

We offer shipping with the best Stealth packing service”

“We guarantee to provide the highest service in shipping, packaging and customer service

“We have partners from the medicine familly around the world that is affilliate to sacred paradise Team”


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